Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Costas and his t-shirt

The stomach was always there - it just retreated a bit in his youth!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Birthday morning - T-Shirts

I had t-shirts printed each with a different photo of Costas from babyhood through to young fatherhood. I wasn't sure how he would feel about them but it turns out he loved them and found it wonderful to see images of his life. Everyone has gone home with their own, probably to sleep in, but it is nice to know he is spread around the world. The kids sourced a 60 year old bottle of red wine for him, which we will drink with the kids on New Year's Eve - assuming the snow doesn't hijack us in England.

More from Michelle's camera at the club

Costas' birthday

The night before the actual 'dirty day' we all went to the Asmartion - a music club. Greek music clubs can be good or bad, this one is fun and it doesn't take much to get them dancing (except my family!). The band starts around midnight and play and sing solidly until around 5am. We left about 0430. The four singers are particularly good and when they did the usual singing 'happy birthday' to various members of the audience, Costas hid and I had had strict instructions not to ask for him to be mentioned. I should have ignored him and gone ahead and done it.
It was the latest night I've had since Jessie was here and we took her there. She was such a great spirit to have around and battled constantly to lead me astray.